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Dengue Fever in Brazil / Dengue no Brasil

(Versao em portugues no final da pagina)

dengue mosquito

Dengue Mosquito ( Aedes aegypti)

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted here because my husband and I were on holiday in Brazil but then, even though we had used lots of sprays (OFF and Repelex), I was bitten by a lousy mosquito and had Dengue fever.

It started with a very high fever (around 38.5 – 39 C) and a splitting headache. At first we thought it was a heat stroke due to the fact that we were doing lots of activities in the sun and the temperature in Rio was around 40C. That was day 1.

To make a long story short:

1 – I spent 9 days in bed, dehydrated and had to go on a drip for 2 days (I went through 19 bags of drip!).


On a drip!

2 – My eyes hurt so much I could not keep them open.


Apologies for the picture but I really think it’s important to know what Dengue does to you

3 – I thought my brain had swollen.

4 – My platelets count was way bellow 140,000. It dropped from 111,000 to 101,000 in 2 days.

5 – On day 7, my feet were swollen and my palms and soles were very itchy.


Feet were so swollen my havaianas wouldn’t fit!

6 – I spent Christmas on a drip – did not spend it with the entire family as I’d planned to.

Anyway, I’ve decided to write this post to make people aware of the disease (especially with the Zika virus around as well). If you’re planning to go to Brazil, make sure you protect yourself and make good use of those sprays with DEET (check percentage on the labels).

There’s an epidemic in Brazil right now and when we got to the UK, my husband started with the symptoms and was diagnosed with Dengue fever as well. He stayed in bed for a week and during the same period, my father, who is in Brazil, also had it nearly as severe as mine.

They say  there’s a vaccine coming out soon, so fingers crossed it’ll work. Meanwhile, if you intend to go to Brazil, do some research and do not forget your sprays 😉


Back in the UK (on the mend)

Versao em portugues:

Bem, ja faz um tempinho desde a ultima vez que fiz um post aqui porque eu e meu marido fomos passar ferias no Brasil, mas aih, mesmo tendo usado varios tipos de spray (OFF e Repelex), eu fui mordida por um mosquito desgracado e tive Dengue.

Comecou com um febre altissima (por volta dos 38.5 – 39C) e uma dor de cabeca insuportavel. No inicio pensamos que pudesse ser insolacao pois haviamos feito bastante coisa no sol e a temperatura no Rio estava na casa dos 40 graus. Isso foi apenas o primeiro dia.

Pra encurtar:

1 – Passei 9 dias de cama, desidratada e tive que ficar no soro por 2 dias (usei 19 bolsas de soro!)

2 – Meus olhos doiam tanto que nao conseguia mante-los abertos.

3 – Tinha a sensacao de que meu cerebro havia inchado.

4 – Minhas plaquetas estavam bem abaixo dos 140 mil. Elas cairam de 111mil para 101 mil em 2 dias.

5 – No setimo dia, meus pes estavam inchados e as palmas das maos e as solas dos pes cocavam muito.

6 – Passei natal no soro – nao passei com a familia toda como havia planejado 😦

Enfim, decidi escrever esse post para alertar as pessoas da doenca (ainda mais com o tal do Zika virus agora). Se voce esta planejando uma viagem ao Brasil, certifique-se que voce esta protegido, use bastante os repelentes com DEET (verifique a porcentagem na embalagem).

Eh uma epidemia no Brasil no momento e quando chegamos no Reino Unido, meu marido comecou com os mesmo sintomas e foi diagnosticado com Dengue tambem. Ele ficou de cama por uma semana e na mesma epoca, meu pai, que esta no Brasil, tambem teve dengue quase tao severa quanto a minha.

Estao falando de uma vacina que esta para sair logo, entao vamos torcer que funcione. Enquanto isso, se voce tem intencao de ir ao Brasil, pesquise bastante sobre o local e nao esqueca seus sprays 😉




Imperial Museum of Brazil / Museu Imperial do Brasil

(Versao em Portugues no final da pagina)


Imperial Museum

The Imperial Museum of Brazil is situated in the historic city of Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro state. It was built in 1845 and it’s where the royal family (D. Pedro II) used to spend their summer holidays.


Imperial family

If you visit Rio de Janeiro, why not go up the mountains and visit the museum? It’s a short bus ride (less than 1 hour) away.


Wearing slippers / usando as pantufas

Once you get your tickets, you are asked to wear slippers (pantufas) but there’s no need to take your shoes off. It’s fun to slide away inside the museum. If you have bags or rucksacks you’re also asked to store them away in the lockers provided. Cameras are not allowed inside the museum. However, when you get to the chariots palace in an outside building, photographs are allowed.


Leopoldina Train

For further information on the museum, check their website – it’s all in Portuguese, though.

Versao em Portugues:


O Museu Imperial do Brasil esta localizado na historica cidade de Petropolis, no Rio de Janeiro. Foi construido em 1845 e eh onde a familia real (D. Pedro II) costumava passar as ferias de verao.

Se voce visitar o Rio de Janeiro, por que nao aproveita para subir a serra e visitar o museu? A viagem de onibus eh bem curtinha (menos de 1 hora).

Assim que voce compra os ingressos, eles pedem pra voce calcar pantufas mas nao precisa tirar os sapatos. Eh bem divertido patinar pelos corredores do museu. Se voce tiver bolsas ou mochilas, eles pedem que voce as guarde no guarda-volumes que ficam dentro do museu. Nao eh permitido tirar fotos dentro do museu mas no predio anexo, onde ficam as carruagens, fotos sao permitidas.

Para mais informacoes sobre o museu, visite o website – esta todo em Portugues.


The Museum’s beautiful garden




Nuclear Power Station in Angra dos Reis, RJ / Usina Nuclear em Angra dos Reis, RJ

(Versao em Portugues no final da pagina)


If you happen to be in Angra dos Reis, RJ, you can visit the Nuclear Power Station also known as Angra 1 (since 1985) and Angra 2 (since 2001) – Angra 3 is being built at the moment.

There are guided tours for groups of 15 to 40 people that need to be previously booked by phone.

As there were just 4 of us, we were able to go in the Visitors’ centre only. There are heaps of information there plus a 7 minute video. However, it’s all in Portuguese only.


Nuclear Reactor (Angra 2) / Reator Nuclear (Angra 2)

Angra’s nuclear reactor is approximately 10 metres high and weighs 233,000 kg! This type of reactor – PWR –  is the safest in the world and there are only 240 units all over the world.


Video at the Visitors’ Centre / Video no Centro de Visitantes

Useful info on Angra 1:

Reactor: PWR

Project: Westinghouse

Energy Power: 657 Mwe

Useful info on Angra 2:

Reactor: PWR

Project: Siemens / KWU

Energy Power: 1,309 Mwe


Visitors’ Centre


Versao em Portugues:

Se voce estiver em Angra dos Reis, RJ, voce pode visitar a Usina Nuclear, tambem conhecidas como Angra 1 (desde 1985) e Angra 2 (desde 2001) – Angra 3 esta sendo construida no momento.

Existem tours guiados para grupos de 15 ate 40 pessoas que precisam ser previamente agendados por telefone.


Inside the Visitors’ Centre

Como nos eramos 4 pessoas, a gente so pode entrar no Centro de Visitantes. Tem muita informacao la e tambem tem um video explicativo de 7 minutos. Tudo em portugues apenas.

O reator nuclear de Angra tem aproximadamente 10 metros de altura e pesa 23 mil kilos! Esse tipo de reator – PWR – eh o mais seguro do mundo com 240 unidades em operacao em todo o planeta.


Dustbin at the visitors’ centre / lixeira no centro de visitantes

Informacoes uteis de Angra 1:

Reator: PWR

Projeto: Westinghouse

Potencia: 657 Mwe

Informacoes uteis de Angra 2:

Reator: PWR

Projeto: Siemens / KWU

Potencia: 1,309 Mwe


Angra 1 and Angra 2

Gluten free in Brazil / Nao contem gluten no Brasil


(Versao em Portugues no final da pagina)

When it comes to food labels, Brazil is ahead of the game compared to the UK as every single label has got to have “contem gluten” or “nao contem gluten”. Even bottles of mineral water have got these.


Bottle of Mineral Water

According to Anvisa, which is the National Health Surveillance Agency,  since  1992 all food labels have to have the information about being or not being gluten free. So, if you’re a coeliac, Brazil is a great place to visit – and the food is amazing too 😉


Home-made sweets

However, when you go to restaurants and ask about gluten-containing ingredients, many people still don’t know what gluten is. Mind you, awareness has increased since we last came here a couple of years ago.


Yeast / Fermento

Gluten free shops are becoming more popular in big cities but the products are still a bit pricey. As for the loaves of bread, I still prefer the ones sold at supermarkets in the UK because in Brazil they usually sell frozen ones. Mundo Verde is a chain of Natural Foods stores throughout the country and they were the first ones to sell gluten free bread.

Versao em Portugues:

Quando se trata de rotulos de alimentos, o Brasil esta na frente do Reino Unido porque todo rotulo de alimento tem que ter escrito “contem gluten” ou “nao contem gluten”. Ate garrafas de agua mineral tem que ter escrito.

De acordo com a Anvisa, que eh a Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria, desde 1992 todos os rotulos de alimentos tem que ter a informacao sobre conter ou nao conter gluten. Entao, se voce eh celiaco, Brazil eh uma otima pedida – e a comida eh maravilhosa tambem 😉

Mas, quando voce vai a restaurantes e pergunta sobre ingredientes que contem gluten, muitas pessoas ainda nao sabem o que eh gluten. De qualquer forma, a conscientizacao cresceu muito desde a ultima vez que visitamos o Brasil ha uns 2 anos.

Lojas com produtos sem gluten estao cada vez mais populares nas grandes cidades. O preco ainda eh salgado. Agora, quanto ao pao de forma, eu ainda prefiro os vendidos nos mercados do Reino Unido porque no Brasil eles geralmente vendem os paes congelados. Mundo Verde eh uma rede de lojas de produtos naturais e foi a primeira – que eu saiba – a vender paes sem gluten no Brasil.