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Eden Project, Cornwall

When people mention England most of us think of London straight away, right?

Well, it’s quite natural to think of London once it’s the capital of England but do people think of Brasilia as soon as one mentions Brazil? I doubt it!

Anyway, this post is not about Brazil – not yet – but about other attractions that England has to offer. We’ll talk about Cornwall in the south west of England!

It’s an amazing county with an outstanding coastline, mild weather (good for surfers!) and one of my favourite ice cream flavours: clotted cream (to die for!).

Besides the above mentioned, the Eden Project is a must-see!

IMG_20140417_150027 The Eden Project 

In the photo you can see  adjoining domes that house thousands of plant species, and each enclosure emulates a natural biome.

Once you go inside, the temperature is quite tropical and you’ll be amazed to find all kinds of plants that wouldn’t stand a chance if they weren’t inside these domes.

IMG_20140417_151424Plants inside the domes.

Anyway, if you’re heading towards Cornwall I suggest you visit the Eden Project. Make sure you have a few hours to spare because there’s so much to see…

IMG_20140417_164130 The domes

Trivia: In 2002 the Eden Project was used as a filming location for the James Bond film, Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan 😉

Eden Project
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