British English / Ingles Britanico

There’s no such thing as American English. There’s  English and there are mistakes. (Elizabeth Windsor on Twitter)

When I first arrived in the UK I had to get used to the different words they have for many things.

Here’s a list of some of them (to be continued) 😉

Umbrella = brolly

Elevator = lift

Cell phone = mobile phonekeep-calm-and-learn-british-english

Sidewalk = pavement

Drunk = pissed

Toilet = loo

Television = telly

Parking lot = car park

Downtown = city centre

Cigarette = fag

Subway = underground

Sneakers = trainers

Panties = knickers

Panty hose = tights

pound (money)  = quid

Can = tin

Thanks = Cheers


About claudiarant

Brazilian-born, British citizen and married to a Brit. I moved to the UK in 2011 and I decided to share my experiences, curiosities, challenges here so I hope you enjoy your reading. I'm an Industrial Designer a Language Teacher and a keen cyclist ;) Nascida no Brasil, cidada Britanica e marido britanico. Me mudei para o Reino Unido em 2011 e decidi compartilhar aqui minhas experiencias, curiosidades e desafios entao espero que curtam a leitura. Sou desenhista industrial e professora de idiomas (Ingles e Portugues para estrangeiros) e ciclismo eh minha nova paixao. View all posts by claudiarant

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